Core Coach Training

Core Coach Training


Course Overview

The British Canoeing Coach Award is a coach education program which delivers 18 unique discipline specific pathways. Each of these pathways start with the Core Training Course which runs over 2 days. The Core Training Course examines the ‘how’ to coach and ‘who’ we are coaching. The subsequent Discipline Specific Training Course(s) focus on ‘what’ we coach and ‘where’ we coach.

Relevant Information about the British Canoeing Coach Award.

·       Coach Award Overview

·       British Canoeing Courses for Coaches

·       British Canoeing Pathways

·       Coach Award Course Guide



There is no pre-requisite training required for participation in the Core Coach Training and the only course requirement is that you are a member of British Canoeing (BC Membership).

It is highly recommended that learners complete a Coach Registration through the membership portal, this will provide you with access to Core Coach and Develop your Coaching Craft e-learning.  For additional information on registration guidance click here.


Personal Skills:

While the course focuses on ‘how’ to coach and ‘who’ we coach students should possess appropriate paddling skills so that they are able to fully engage in training.  To aid you in determining if you are at the appropriate level of readiness please refer to the ‘Skills Checklist’ on page 21 of the Coach Award Course Guide

Coaching Knowledge:

If you currently do not hold a Level 1 Coach or Paddlesport Instructor Award, or if you do, and would like a refresher of the Paddlesport Instructor Award (formerly Level 1 Coach) course content, please complete the Paddlesport Instructor eLearning Modules

Coach Assessment:

If you plan to progress to assessment you are required to register with British Canoeing International or your Home Nation.  Once registered you will be given access to the Coach Award eLearning Support Modules. We will provide additional information pertaining to coach registration and Discipline Specific Training at the beginning of course.



Required Equipment:

·       Well fit, comfortable, properly outfitter boat

·       Paddle

·       Life vest

·       Thermal Protection

·       Closed Toed Paddling Shoes  

·       Safety equipment appropriate to a protected/flat water venue.

·       Dry Bag with spare insulating layers, so that you can remain comfortable and engaged in the ‘learning environment.’

·       Waterproof notebook and writing utensil

·       Food and water for the day

·       Any additional items that you may require to remain comfortable and engaged in the ‘learning environment’ for up to 6 hours (sunscreen, insect repellent, medications etc.)

·       A device to access the internet (laptop, tablet, smartphone)

If you are traveling a long distance, or by air, and need to borrow equipment please email to make arrangements. 


Course Fee:

Coach Core Training:      $250.00 (this includes instruction and equipment)

Overseas Resident Registration Fee: $30.00 payable to Synaptic Sport LLC. (check or cash)


Supplemental Reading and Support

·       The Spectrum of Teaching Styles (a.k.a. Coaching Styles)

·       Glossary of Coaching Process Terms

·       Develop Your Coaching Craft eLearning

·       Useful Coaching Articles

·       British Canoeing Sponsored Academic Research


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