Outdoor Wilderness Enrichment Programs

Our Outdoor Wilderness before and after school program comes to your school and teaches kids outdoor survival skills through fun and engaging activities and games.

We are excited to spend the winter term exploring the outdoors, learning wilderness survival skills and Leave No Trace principles.  We will embrace the winter weather as we practice outdoor living techniques to stay warm and dry - some days in our lavvu- a Scandinavian tipi- and some days in shelters we build ourselves.  (We always have a dry backup plan to make sure that everyone is staying warm.)

This term we are offering a K-5th grade program which will be staffed with at least two of our enthusiastic instructors.  The class will be broken up into age appropriate groups and instructors will provide unique experiences for students of all grade levels.  Every term is its own new experience so whether this is your first quarter or your fourth, we hope you will join us for some Outdoor Wilderness fun!

*If anyone needs assistance with warm/weatherproof clothes, Seattle Adventure Sports has loaners- please ask!*

Grades: K-5

Outdoor Wilderness
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